Free Yellow Dog Adoption Sticker

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If you, or someone you know, has an adopted dog, spread the word by placing this sticker on your car. To receive your free yellow dog sticker, fill in your details below.


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3 Responses to Free Yellow Dog Adoption Sticker

  1. Tom apostolakis says:

    Adopt a dog and save a life !!

  2. Peter says:

    I love dogs <3

  3. Steven says:

    Adopting Dogs and other animals is something we all can do to make their life MUCH MUCH better. Humans would not like to be beat up by their owner and taken away and locked up. Animals are lovers, you treat them how you expect to be treated back, you be rough to them they have a 100% right to bite and fight back. It is sad to see how owners can neglect their furry friends and leave them to die from dehydration, and starvation. I support RSPCA and Yellow Dog 100%. These cruel and nasty people who treat animals like this need to be shown what its like. there was an incident where a man had ran over a live Possum to watch it die, now he should be shoved under the wheel and shown what it is like. The same as when they purposely hit wildlife on the road, now sometimes it is just either to dangerous to swerve for a Kangaroo or Cow and other animal which we do feel bad about, but when people run them over for fun, they should be stuck to the road standing up and ran over at 100 kilometres/ hour to show what its like bet they would not like it. I am very lucky where I live in a Town known as Ravenshoe, the highest town in Queensland, Australia. We also have the most species of possum in the world and Millstream falls in the widest falls in the southern hemisphere. Thanks for reading my story, sorry if I went a little to far about it but I truly feel for them. Thanks.

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