Allen’s Lollies Jelly Beans Free Sample

The Deal Says:

We’ve got 18 outrageously yummy NEW Jelly Bean flavours and we want to make sure our lolly lovers try them, so we’re giving away 5000 FREE SAMPLES!


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4 Responses to Allen’s Lollies Jelly Beans Free Sample

  1. Ernesto abussi says:

    Hello jelly beans are my fav the best .
    As a chef l have jellys when l’m at work it’s good to have lovely sweet thing in your mouth

  2. soul says:

    please send me a free sample. i love Allens and would like to spread the joy with my friends.

  3. Paula Rodgers says:

    I eat allens jelly beans regularly, just bought two kilos, so would love to try any proposed flavors

  4. Paula Rodgers says:

    I buy allens jelly beans regularly and recently bought two kilos ,i would love to sample any new flavors, or proposed flavors

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